Les Saveurs du Train

Nestled in a train carriage,this restaurant is hand-crafted by Thomas Koebel who deploys inspired cuisine. Passed by the best houses (from le Cygne in Gundershoffen to Le Crocodile in Strasbourg / three Michelin stars),the thirty-yearold chef put his suitcase in… a train. Housed in an authentic Orient Express’ carriage from the 1920s,sitting on the edge of the expressway,you enjoy a first class cuisine in a cozy atmosphere made of nobly patinated woodwork and vintage mirrors. In the dishes you also discover some cocoa touches:the restaurant is integrated to the Chocolate Museum. The goose foie gras glazed with chocolate is to damned. The menues reinterpret,by bringing them up to date,the dishes served at the Belle Époque in these rolling palaces.

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